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Female principal dressed in blueRosalba Martinez, Principal

Dear parents,

Recently, HB 2804, changed the Texas school accountability system so that every campus and district receives one of five ratings from A-F. This new system will send a letter grade to schools just as the school sends letter grades to students. The schools will be rated in 5 areas of performance/ domains. Subsequently, the five grades will be combined into one overall grade. The new ratings will go into effect in August 2018.

However, the state recently sent the schools a “preliminary” overview of our current performance. If this accountability system would go into effect today, we would be happy to declare that we would perform well in academics but not on attendance.

During the 2015-2016 school year, we had an excessive amount of students that were identified as “chronic absentees”. Chronic absentee students had more than 17 absences in a school year. While some students had emergency situations, the vast majority had unexcused absences.

Let us work together and assure that our school does not receive a failing grade. Send your children to school every day and make sure they have punctuality too.

For more information about this new system, access the following link:

                                                                                       Rosalba Martinez



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