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Female principal dressed in blueRosalba Martinez, Principal

Dear parents,

Congratulations to all our students, teachers and parents! We received the first round of STAAR test results last week and I was pleased with results. Great job by the students and teachers in 5th grade. However, we still have 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students STAAR testing next week. The expectation is for them to perform just as well or better than their peers. Please be sure to encourage your children to do their best and to feel confident on testing days. They have great teachers that have prepared them all year long and loving parents that have supported them all their lives.

Congratulations are also in order for our Sports department. The Ligarde track team placed 2nd overall in the recent track meet held at Shirley Field. Great job coaches and students.

Finally, on behalf of all the students, teachers, staff and parents of Ligarde, I would like to wish Dr. A. Marcus Nelson best wishes on his future endeavors. Dr.  Nelson has done wonders for our school district and I was fortunate to have been hired as a principal under his Leadership. He brought us the Super 8 and 100% Campus “Met Standard”. He also brought convocations that energized administrators, teachers and staff. Plus, who can forget the awesome videos that were produced under his direction?  He had a vision for LISD and he made it come true. Good luck and take care.


Ms. Rosalba Martinez


Honoré Ligarde Elementary

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