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Female principal dressed in blueRosalba Martinez, Principal

Dear parents,

I would like to reassure you that we have protocols in place in case of emergencies. We have fire drills, practice lockdown drills, reverse drills, severe weather drills and lock-out drills. The students, faculty and staff are familiar with these drills as we practice them and review them often. We also have a Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT). The CERT meets with administration and reviews safety procedures and safety logs. Your children will tell you that we stress on these safety procedures as often as we can and as often as is required by district policy.

Additionally, in order to monitor entries and exits, we have safety features such as the door bell as well as door alarms. If a door is opened in any exit of the school, an alarm alerts us of a possible stranger on campus or a possible student leaving the building.

In the front entrance, we ask for IDs before we allow anyone to enter the building. We then proceed to use our Raptor system to scan the IDs.  No ID? No entrance to the campus!

Please help us keep the area secure by carrying your ID when visiting the school. In addition, be our eyes and ears outside and advise us of any suspicious activity. As always, thank you for your continued support and keep safe!

Reminder: Birthdays on the last Friday of the month! Only store-bought cupcakes and juice boxes. Also, no release 30 minutes before school day ends.

Rosalba Martinez

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