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Female principal dressed in blueRosalba Martinez, Principal

Dear parents,

This school year sees a transition to the new accountability system! Students STAAR test results will indicate if students “Approach”, “Meet” or “Master” their tests. Simply put, students that score at the “Approaches” level demonstrate that they are “approaching” the grade level in which they are enrolled. Students that score “Meets” level demonstrate that they have met the standards for their corresponding grade level. Students that score “Masters” level are at the highest levels of mastery of content for their grade level.

It might appear to be a complicated method for accountability, but we are working our hardest to understand this new formula so we can best prepare our students. As always, our goal is mastery for all students.

Congratulations are in order for our Sports department. For the third year in a row, the Ligarde track team placed 2nd overall in the recent track meet held at Shirley Field. We also achieved 15 Championships in either Flag football, Volleyball or Basketball! Great job coaches, students and parents.

As always, do not forget that the last Friday of the Month is for birthdays! Store-bought Cupcakes and juices are allowed only. Also, no early release 30 minutes before the end of any school day.

Ms. Rosalba Martinez


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